In Re: Lincoln National COI Litigation / In Re: Lincoln National 2017 COI Rate Litigation
Lincoln National COI Settlement
2:16-cv-6605-GJP / 2:17-cv-04150-GJP

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If you own a universal life insurance policy issued by Jefferson Pilot, predecessor to Lincoln, or by Lincoln, that was subject to a COI rate increase Lincoln announced in 2016 or 2017, your rights and options may be affected by a class action settlement.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: In July 2023, a notice about the lawsuit was sent to the Class. On January 17, 2024, a supplemental notice was distributed because Plaintiffs and Defendants determined that the Notice sent in July 2023 was inadvertently not distributed to certain policies at issue in the Settlement. If you were sent a supplemental notice, please read it carefully, as it discusses your rights as a Class Member in the Settlement. For more information, please read the Notice here.

What is this lawsuit about?

A proposed settlement (the “Settlement”) has been reached in two consolidated class action lawsuits called In re: Lincoln National COI Litigation Case No.: 2:16-cv-6605-GJP (E.D.Pa..) and In re: Lincoln National 2017 COI Rate Litigation 2:17-cv-04150-GJP (E.D.Pa.) Plaintiffs in the Actions allege that Defendants Lincoln National Corporation and The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company (collectively, “Lincoln”), breached their contracts with certain policyowners. Specifically, in or about August and September 2016 and June and July 2017, Lincoln sent those policyowners letters announcing that their insurance policies would be subject to cost of insurance (“COI”) rate increases (collectively, the “COI Increases”). Plaintiffs contend those COI rate increases violated the terms of the policyowners’ contracts and/or violated certain state consumer protection statutes, and that Plaintiffs and similarly situated policyowners have been damaged as a result. Lincoln denies Plaintiffs’ claims that the COI Increases violated the terms of the affected policies or the state consumer protection statutes, and asserts multiple defenses, including that Lincoln’s challenged actions are lawful, justified, and have not harmed or caused any damages to any policyowner.

Plaintiffs and Lincoln have agreed to the Settlement to avoid the risks, costs, and delays of further litigation (including an appeal) so that affected policyowners will get a chance to receive prompt compensation.

How do I know if I am part of the Settlement Class?

You are in the Settlement Class if you are an Owner of any of the following policies sold by Jefferson Pilot (which was acquired by Lincoln) or by Lincoln (after its acquisition of Jefferson Pilot), and later subjected to an increase in the COI Increases announced by Lincoln in 2016 or 2017:  JP Legend 300, JP Lifewriter Legend 100, 200, and 400 series, JP Legend 3000, LifeSight 30, LifeSight 31, LifeSight 32, JP UL 101, JP UL 102, JP UL 103, JP UL 130, JP UL 131, and Vision 20 life insurance policies, unless your policy is an Excluded Policy as defined by the Settlement Agreement.

What does the Settlement provide?

Under the proposed Settlement, Lincoln has agreed to establish a cash fund containing up to $117,750,000 (the “Settlement Fund”) to be distributed among the Owners of the Final Settlement Class Policies. The Settlement Fund will be reduced by an amount equal to $117,750,000.00 multiplied by the sum of the Policy Claim Percentages for all Class Policies that are not Final Settlement Class Policies. After payment of the costs to administer the Settlement, attorneys’ fees and expenses, and any incentive and/or service awards to the Class Representatives, the Settlement Administrator will distribute the remaining amounts to the Owners of the Final Settlement Class Policies in proportion to their share of the overall Policy Claim Amounts collected from such policies through September 30, 2022.  For more information, please see FAQ 10.


Option/Deadline Event
Do Nothing

Stay in Settlement Class. Get certain benefits from the Settlement. Give up any rights to sue Lincoln National separately about the claim resolved in the Settlement.

If you do nothing, you will automatically be included in the Final Settlement Class and receive a payment and the other benefits from the Settlement if entitled, and you will be bound by the releases included as part of the Settlement.  You will not be able to bring a lawsuit against Lincoln or ever again be part of any other lawsuit against Lincoln about the COI Increases or the legal issues that were put at issue in the Actions unless you either (a) opted out or (b) have filed individual litigation against Lincoln concerning these matters before the end of the Opt-Out/Objection Period.

Exclude Yourself

Get out of this Settlement.  Get no benefits from it.

If you do not wish to participate or be bound by the settlement, you must have sent a Request for Exclusion to the Settlement Administrator by August 21, 2023 (or by March 4, 2024 if you were sent the notice on January 17, 2024). If you excluded yourself from the Settlement Class, you will not receive any Settlement payment or any other benefits from the Settlement. You will retain any rights you may have to sue or continue to sue Lincoln National for the same legal claims that are the subject of this lawsuit at your own expense.


Tell the Court if you do not like the Settlement.

Any Settlement Class Member who does not timely and properly opt-out of the proposed Settlement, either by filing a proper request for exclusion or by commencing an individual lawsuit against Lincoln and serving Lincoln with the complaint or operative pleading in that lawsuit, as described above, may object to the fairness, reasonableness, or adequacy of the Settlement Agreement. Settlement Class members who wish to object to any term of the Settlement Agreement must do so in writing, by filing a written objection with the Court. Written objections must have been submitted to the Court by August 21, 2023 (or by March 4, 2024 if you were sent the notice on January 17, 2024).

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